All transports leave from Lyypekinlaituri.

Please arrive to the dock well in advance. JT-Line Saturday cruise #1 and Sunday cruise #3 will start boarding 30 minutes before the departure. JT-Line evening cruise #3 starts boarding as soon as it is back at the dock from the previous cruise. Royal Line Saturday evening cruise starts also boarding 30 minutes in advance.


Cruise #1 Saturday 1.8. at 15-18 (arrive at 14:30)
Cruise #2 Saturday 1.8. at 18-22 (arrive at 17:30)
Cruise #3 Sunday 2.8. at 16-20:30 (arrive at 15:30)

Royal Line Cruise Saturday 1.8. at 18-22 (arrive at 17:30)


Before the departure

  • Check the necessary safety equipment
  • Ensure you have a right ticket (boat size, day)

Arriving to the event

  • arrive to the event location (map below)

  • Go to the info boat (green info-balloon and white fork&knife balloons show you which boat it is)
  • Show your ticket at the boat and receive a physical flag. Attach it to your boat. Non-alcoholic drinks and salmon wraps are also available for purchase.
  • You will receive information at the info-boat where to find your sector (depends on the boat size). You can also see this map below.
  • There are no docks where to attach, but you can use an anchor, float freely or ask your neighbor if you can attach to their boat.


  • You can leave the area any time and return to your sector. There are no special places so just see where you fit. There is plenty of space at the sea!
  • If you have no bathroom in your boat, you can use the ones at Lyypekinlaituri

Enjoy the event! We are here to answer all the questions you might have!


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